Cross Cultural Training and home finding


Looking for a new home in a Brazilian city? In addition to all the professional commitments an expatriate faces upon arrival, finding a home is undoubtedly stressful. It involves dealing with several realtors and spending hours visiting different locations. Making a wrong decision in this area might affect the expatriate and his family in unforeseeable ways.

Transcontrol has partners focused on the housing market in every Brazilian major city. Our experienced personnel will assist the family and help them make the best decision to settle down as soon as possible. From handling a simple welcome packet with all the dos and don’ts in the Brazilian culture, to precious hints as to what to take into consideration before renting a property, Transcontrol is your best choice when it comes to moving to and from Brazil.

A rental contract in Brazil is time-consuming because it goes through several phases:

  • Visiting properties
  • Making the right choice
  • Price negotiations
  • Security or technical inspection
  • Renegotiating based on the results
  • Obtaining the property legal documents (RGI)
  • Sending the contract proposal to the realtor
  • Adjusting contract terms and conditions
  • Translations when requested Getting the parties signatures
  • Making the real conditions inventory
  • Getting the signatures notarized
  • Receiving the Keys and moving in.