CAS – Claim Assistance Service


We have observed that expatriates sometimes experience difficulties in dealing with claims in Brazil. A lot of shipments do incur in minor damages which can become a major issue, if no fast / acceptable solutions are available.

Most expatriates are unfamiliar with the necessary tools to process the claim such as: Fluency in Portuguese, acquaintance with the Brazilian culture, where to find professional help etc. They are busy, trying to adapt to a new work environment and do not have the time to deal with the claim and all the related formalities.

Whenever we are requested to render a CAS, after getting acquainted with the Terms of the Insurance Certificate General Conditions, we will take over the administration.

Transcontrol then manages the entire process, holding third parties responsible. We also get repair estimates, seek replacement of damaged items, look for best prices, prepare reports and accompany professionals into the residence whenever necessary.