About Us


Since 1986 Transcontrol has been successfully operating in Brazil and arranging all services for families. We are focused on delivering reliable, economical and fast solutions for expatriates moving to and from Brazil.

We have a dedicated staff specialized in the reduction or elimination of the stress generated by unexpected factors that happen to take place at some point or another of the moving process.

Transcontrol is an affiliated member of some important organizations that regulate industry standards such as IAM – International Association of
Movers – and IPATA – Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association.


How do we achieve this?


By understanding each and every detail involved in the relocation of a family to or from Brazil or their countries of origin or destination.

By understanding each and every family’s unique profile.

By keeping each and every process completely transparent to all “players”.

By not paying or receiving commissions.

By reducing costs without putting quality at risk.

By trying to keep the ecological footprint as low as possible in view of the fact that the disposal of card board or other related packing materials has in general quite an impact on nature.